Mabel Normand Lives Here!

Mabel Normand LIVES here..definitive information from her Family Archivist and Great-Nephew Stephen's Current Memoir's


    • To Tell the Truth.....  
    • I will hope to cover the areas of MABEL NORMAND's life that stimulate the most interest based on the queries I am most often asked. The followings areas are what come to mind first.
    • MABEL'S....
    • Childhood/Family Life
    • Working Life prior to film career
    • Male Relationships/Love & Professional
    • Her Sorrow - Murder of Wm Desmond Taylor
    • Her Regret - Marriage to Lew Cody
    • Health - Tuberculosis/Depression
    • Generosity of Spirit
    • Demons
    • Friends/Companions/Staff: at Home/on Set..A nurse was a nurse.
    • Who really were Mabel Normand's Friends? 
    • After: Family/Companions/Reputation
    • Those who think they ARE Mabel..on Websites
    • Mabel's legacy
    • Look What Happened to Mabel! The Broadway Musical.."MACK & MABEL" from Start to Finish & Today 
    • The Stephen Normand & Betty Fussell Story
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I apologise for not updating this website on a regular basis which has given the impression I have lost interest. This is absolutely not the case. I have been unwell with a cardiovascular condition and a recent diagnosis of Bi Polar Syndrome condition both of which caused me to come off FACE BOOK earlier in the year.

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Widows of laurel & Hardy Larry harmon Vs. Hal Roach Rights of the family to merchandise the names and likeness of the comedians

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Lucille Hardy Price, Ida K.Laurel and Larry Harmon Pictures Corp.brought suit against Hal Roach Studios and its licensees, Richard Feiner & Co. and Overseas Programming Companies Ltd.the action sought injunctive relief and damages for unauthorized utilization of the names and likenesses of "Laurel & Hardy" in novelty items such as sweatshirts statues in advertising and in a projected television serial.The Judge Charles Stewart of NY Fe...

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