Mabel Normand Lives Here!

Mabel Normand LIVES here..definitive information from her Family Archivist and Great-Nephew Stephen's Current Memoir's


    • To Tell the Truth.....  
    • I will hope to cover the areas of MABEL NORMAND's life that stimulate the most interest based on the queries I am most often asked. The followings areas are what come to mind first.
    • MABEL'S....
    • Childhood/Family Life
    • Working Life prior to film career
    • Male Relationships/Love & Professional
    • Her Sorrow - Murder of Wm Desmond Taylor
    • Her Regret - Marriage to Lew Cody
    • Health - Tuberculosis/Depression
    • Generosity of Spirit
    • Demons
    • Friends/Companions/Staff: at Home/on Set..A nurse was a nurse.
    • Who really were Mabel Normand's Friends? 
    • After: Family/Companions/Reputation
    • Those who think they ARE Mabel..on Websites
    • Mabel's legacy
    • Look What Happened to Mabel! The Broadway Musical.."MACK & MABEL" from Start to Finish & Today 
    • The Stephen Normand & Betty Fussell Story
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I apologise for not updating this website on a regular basis which has given the impression I have lost interest. This is absolutely not the case. I have been unwell with a cardiovascular condition and a recent diagnosis of Bi Polar Syndrome condition both of which caused me to come off FACE BOOK earlier in the year.

I am looking forward to sharing the BENSON LETTERS and to relate more facts concerning my aunt Mabel's personal life and career from her own  diary entries, journals and correspondence   including those of her parent's (my great-grandparents), brother Claude (my grandfather) and her sister Gladis, as well as her sister-in-law  Winifred (Claude's wife & my grandmother).

The Benson letter's are interesting not only because of the personal thoughts of Mabel's employee but how she relates her loyalty to Mabel Normand after so many years. Along with the letter's, I shall reveal the story of Julia and her companion Lee Westerlund as I experienced it during my time staying  with them in Los Angeles.

At the moment I am helping two post graduate student's with their research concerning Mabel Normand which is a pleasure and honor.

I am grateful for all your emails and cards received with your kind  expressions of encouragement and good wishes. Thank you and I look forward to being back once again continuing my work on behalf of my dear aunt Mabel.

All best wishes to all of you.

Widows of laurel & Hardy Larry harmon Vs. Hal Roach Rights of the family to merchandise the names and likeness of the comedians

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Lucille Hardy Price, Ida K.Laurel and Larry Harmon Pictures Corp.brought suit against Hal Roach Studios and its licensees, Richard Feiner & Co. and Overseas Programming Companies Ltd.the action sought injunctive relief and damages for unauthorized utilization of the names and likenesses of "Laurel & Hardy" in novelty items such as sweatshirts statues in advertising and in a projected television serial.The Judge Charles Stewart of NY Federal Court ruled that the widows possessed the rights to merchandise the names and likenesses of the comedians.The judge further ruled in rejecting that the names and likenesses had entered into the public domain  after the actors' death.the court found that the actors' right of publicity is a property right which was fully descendible to their heirs.the judge also noted the decision by the California Court in favor of the heirs of Bela Lugosi against Universal Studios for the unauthorized use of Lugosi's likeness in marketing "Count Dracula" products.

This case was decided in July 1975 and was noted publicly in Variety on July 30th 1975 issue.

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